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Patriots' Day Run 

5th Annual Patriots' Day Run, Saturday, September 12, 2015 

At 9:00 am the 10K Run & 5K Walk will start; The start time for the 5K Run is 9:15 am.  

Come and see how much we have grown in five years. As this is a milestone. Look for great things to happen at this event. See you there..........  

REGISTRATION: Is Currently OPEN...... Online Registration   Print Paper Entry Form

Patriots' Day Run is a fundraiser for VFW Post 5547 were 75% of the proceeds benefit the VFW National Home for Children. A place where military families can go when they need assistance. Need is tailored to each individual family needs. It is not a a one fits all type of assistance. In campus in Eaton Rapids resembles a small town with schools and medical center and homes. While there they provide to the military person or their family the direct assistance needed. For more information go to vfwnationalhome.org

Memorial Awards Divisions:

Memorial Award Divisions - Discounted entry fees available to: Military  (Military Class) (Any person that has a valid ID issued from any US Military Command is eligible: All Military members: Active, Reserve, Guard, Family members and Retired).  Law Enforcement-Corrections  (Law & Order Class) and Fire Fighters/EMS personnel (Fire Fighter/EMS Class).  Verification of ID's will take place at the registration tables, so please have ID available. 

Military Award Named for SFC Scott Nisely US. Army, who was killed during combat operations in Iraq on September 30, 2006

Law & Order Award Named for Deputy Sheriff  Howard McCallum, Otoe County Sheriff Department killed by gunfire November 12, 1930

Fire Fighter/EMS Award Named for Andrew Kastens, Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department Chief, killed en route to a fire October 18, 1939. 

Joint Meritorious Unit Award (optional - team discounts available) for the largest group participant (overall) will be presented to any organization, group or club as long as each member gives the name of his/her organization on the line provided on the entry form.  Please be sure to include the name of your team captain (if applicable) on the line provided on the entry form.  This award will be presented to the winning group during the award ceremony on Saturday. Those competing for this award are also able to win individual awards. 




Lodging Options Available; Use "Patriots' Day Run" when booking the room.  
Syracuse Inn & Suites, COST TBD, 1 to 4 person occupancy, phone (402) 269-2700

 PATRIOTS' DAY RUN 2014  was held on Saturday, September 13, 2014

A recap of the 4th Annual "Patriots' Day Run". We had 43 runners registered.  Both 10K and 5K courses were a patriotic scenic tour of Syracuse, Nebraska.  The 10K Overall Winner was Eddie Paden for the second time in four years. Paden set a new course record with a finish time of  40:03.2. The 5K Overall Winner was Jason Pearson for the third year in a row with a new course record time of 18:18.0.

Saturday morning the participants enjoyed post run food and drink of Brats & Beer/Soda at the Veterans Post Home. Awards and Post run activities were attended by participants, family, friends and the community.

Thank you to all of our great sponsors and participants, without all of you this event could not happen. From this year's event we will send a check in the amount of $1,700 to the VFW National Home in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

From our first event in 2011 we have sent a cumulative total of $7,400.00 to the VFW National Home for Children. 
Please know that this cannot happen without all the support from all of our great sponsors and every participant. Thank you all very much and I look forward to our event in 2015, on Saturday, September 12.
Timothy Christians, Run Director.


OVERALL WINNERS:                                                                                                                              
10K Eddie Paden Time: 40:03.2  (2nd time in Four years)  
5K Jason Pearson Time: 18:18.0 (3rd year in a row)

MEN'S/WOMEN'S 10K WINNERS                                                                                        
Ky'Lee Baumert Time: 41:22.9  (2nd year in a row)
Eddie Paden Time: 40:03.2    (2nd in Four years)  

Jason Pearson Time: 18:56.1 (3rd year in a row)
Kathy Knake Time: 24:05.4  (first year) 

Memorial Award Division Winners 10K  
Scott Nisely Memorial Award 
(Military Division)
Kurt Knake and No Female Participant                                             

oward McCallum Memorial Award (Law & Order Division)
No Male or Female Participant                      

ndrew Kastens Memorial Award (Fire Fighter/EMS Division) 
Tyler Crownover  and No Female Participant

Memorial Award Division Winners 5K

Scott Nisely Memorial Award (Military Division)
Kathy Knake and Richard Halvorsen

Howard Mc
Callum Memorial Award (Law & Order Division)
Sarah Nelson and David Jorgensen             

Andrew Kastens Memorial Award (Fire Fighter/EMS Division)
No Male or Female Participant

Joint Meritorious Unit Award
; awarded to the largest group participant for total overall participation of combined from entries of the 10K and 5K distances. This is a group award; however each member competes as individuals for time and awards. The winning team's captain is presented the award. The 2014 Joint Meritorious Unit Award was presented to Leah Sveen from the Arbor Day Foundation with 9 members. The team consisted of Team Captain Leah Sveen, Brenda McIntosh, Kelly McIntosh, Stephanie Broersma, Mary Sweeney, Phil Bakken, Stephanie Fickenscher, Vicki Woolman and Jo McElwain. 

Age Bracket Winners:
18&Under  No participants
19-29 1-Ky'Lee Baumert 42:16.5 2-Leah Sveen 44:13.5
30-39 1-Stephanie Broersma 52:26.5 2-Jasmine Ellis 52:38.8 3-Kurtis Knake 59:22.4
40-49 1-Eddie Paden 40:03.2 2-Rachel Zahn 54:28.2 3-Christi Smallfoot 58:14.0
 1-Jo McElwain 47:42.9 2-Dave Pease 52:27.5 3-Roy Giles 1:03:43.1 
1-Conrad Schroeder 31:15.9
19-29 1--Phil Bakken 31:12.7 
1-Jason Pearson 18:18.0 2-Joe Baumert 28:20.3 3-Kathy Knake 28:48.9
40-49 1-Eric Schroeder Eric 22:07.7 2-Kay Smith 34:05.8 3-Ron Schomaker 34:32.3
50&Above 1-Richard Halvorsen 30:43.2 2-Susan Hertzier 34:39.7 3-Rich Cecetka 35:01.7 

Patriots' Day Run 10K All Time Top Ten

      Name            Gender   Division                                                                   Time           Year
1. Eddie Paden       M       Open                                                                         40:03.2       2014
2. Scott Johnson     M    Open                                                                        40:14.9       2012
3. Ky'Lee Baumert   F    Open                                                                         41:22.9 2013
4. Larry Jones          M       Open                                                                         41:33.9      2013
5. Ky'Lee Baumert   F        Open                                                                         42:16.5      2014
6. Eddie Paden        M       Open                                                                         42:24         2011
7. Eddie Paden        M       Open               42:50.5      2012
8. Eddie Paden        M       Open                                                                         44:11.4      2013
9. Leah Sveen          F         Open                                                                         44:13.5      2014
10. Jon Reed            M       Military (Nisely Memorial Award Winner)            45:07         2011

Patriots' Day Run 5K All Time Top Ten  
      Name           Gender    Division                                                                       Time           Year
1. Jason Pearson   M        Open                                                                            18:18.0       2014
2. Jason Pearson   M        Open                                                                            18:56.1       2013
3. Bob Garcia         M        Open                                                                            19:03.0       2013
4. Jason Pearson   M        Open                                                                            19:25.0        2012
5. Mark White       M        Law & Order(McCallum Memorial Award Winner)19:33.2        2012
6. Wes Pohlmann  M        Open                                                                            20:47.8       2013 
7. Jason Keith        M        Open                                                                            20:55.6       2013 
8. Mark Lant          M        Open                                                                            22:03.0       2013
9. Eric Schroeder   M        Open                                                                            22:07.0       2014 
10. Holly Styskal      F        Military (Nisely Memorial Award Winner)              24:05.4       2013

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